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We are paranormal investigators based in Waco, TX. We investigate claims from Dallas/Fort Worth to San Antonio, TX. We work to find explanations for the unexplained occurences within a home or business; not all are paranormal in origin. We are committed to providing a professional investigation to help explain these occurences.

Our investigations are CONFIDENTIAL. Our findings will only be shared with our clients.

All investigations are free of charge.

Is My House Haunted?

You hear heavy footsteps in the upstairs hallway when you know no one is up there. Doors slam unaccountably. Commonly used items disappear and reappear without cause. The kitchen light turns on by itself. There's the unmistakable scent of a strange perfume in the air.

These may be indications that your house is haunted. Read more.

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1944 - 2012

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If you are experiencing unexplained occurences and require immediate help, please use the Contact form. Please give us a good time to call so we can contact you promptly.


To work as a team to help the public at large to understand and deal with the unexplained activity occurring in their lives.


We offer help to those in need by way of listening and observing through investigation. We will help guide the property owner to understand the activity and deal with it in a way that is suitable for them.

Our team is bound together with people of many faiths and are dedicated to the pursuit of the truth, whether or not there is life after death.


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A general term (coined ca. 1915–1920) that designates experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation" or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure.