Team Leader

She leads a team of investigators that maintains the highest of standards. She gathers evidence using empirical methods and debunks any evidence that is questionable.

Case Manager and Investigator

My name is Lynne. I have had a lifelong interest in the paranormal, supernatural, and metaphysical. It all started at the age of 10 when I was electrocuted, died, and brought back. I feel we are all spirits living in flesh and blood. I'm always seeking answers to the unknown as Gods will helps others to understand what they are dealing with. It’s great to be a part of the CTPS team. There is no other place I'd rather be.


I am an x-ray technician by profession and paranormal enthusiast. Before joining CTPS, I would attempt to find answers of the paranormal alone armed only with my curiosity and digital camera. I believe that we never really leave the ones we love or familiar places in the physical world and believe that there are opportunities for communication in the spiritual world. What I hope to gain from being part of CTPS is a better understanding of the paranormal and to hone my investigation techniques.


I am a retired federal employee who has always been interested in the paranormal. Because of experiences throughout my life, I continue to have unanswered questions about the paranormal. I enjoy going on investigations, but feel the real challenge is reviewing the data collected. Only then do we truly have the evidence we are seeking. I am dedicated to this pursuit.


Hello Everybody, my name is Ed, I’m currently the Chief Flight Instructor for a collegiate flight training program here in Waco. I hold a Commercial Pilot certificate with over 6000 hours and 35 years combined experience as a flight and ground Instructor, cargo pilot, and aircraft maintenance technician. I have never doubted the existence of an afterlife or the paranormal. As an investigator and educator, my curiosity and thirst is for knowledge and understanding. The what, how, and why of things. What exactly is a ghost? What are they made of? How can it manifest and interact with our physical world? How can it move things? How and why can we hear them? How can they touch us? How can we see them? Why do some souls choose to stay earthbound while so many others move on? These types of questions intrigue me. As a paranormal investigator, I seek answers and definitive proof to these and other unanswered questions. My objective is to document, learn, educate and hopefully assist both the living and those beyond.


I am a full time caregiver and devoted grandmother who has always had unanswered questions about the paranormal. I never thought about investigating the paranormal before going to work at the hospital and meeting Lee. I was invited to go along on an investigation and from then on I was hooked. I enjoy going on the investigations and reviewing the data collected and then trying to determine if what we are seeing is real or not. I have begun to learn the difference in types of orbs, how to look past something that may seemingly be paranormal and discover a simple explanation for the occurrence. EVP's are also very interesting. While some are very clear and easy to hear, others require closer inspection to hear what the ghosts have to say. I am glad to be part of CTPS.


My name is Jackie: I have always felt loved ones that have passed on around me. When my four year old daughter died, I could not function. After months of crying myself to sleep, God, I believe, allowed Shannon to come to me. I could not touch her, she was misty at a distance. She said “Mommy, don’t cry anymore, I am O.K.” She smiled and faded away. After that I was able to go on and take care of my other daughter. The sadness never leaves, but to know for sure that there is that other wonderful place we go to after we pass on helps us move forward.

I have had many experiences with spirits through the years. Being on this team gives me the chance to learn all I can and maybe be of service to others that need to know they are still with us. I am blessed to work with such knowledgeable people who are devoted to this.


My name is Adam and I am very pleased to be included in this group. After many years of investigating independently, I felt that it was time for me to take the next logical step and seek inclusion in an established group such as C.T.P.S. Just to have the opportunity to reach out and help someone in need truly drives me, and I hope to grow and learn even more with every case.


Hello all… My name is Teresa and I have had an interest in the paranormal for a long time. At the early age of three I had a near death, out of body experience, which has changed the way I view life and death. As I grew up the paranormal encounters increased, to included even sharing my home with several spirits. These encounters use to frighten me, but I now realize this was due to my lack of knowledge. Over the years I’ve become more educated about the paranormal and since have evolved. I’m fortunate to have been given the valuable opportunity to validate my spiritual beliefs and also gain a higher level of insight into how other people believe in retrospect to the norm. Each of us are unique in life, why wouldn’t we also be unique in death.

I truly believe, “with knowledge comes understanding.” When you are able to see the big picture and realize what is actually going on, you will quietly and calmly become the master of your own life. Because of the creative minds involved and the scientific approaches used by CTPS while conducting an investigation, I am enthusiastically thankful to have been gifted the chance to become involved with CTPS as an investigative member of their team.

Tech Manager

Hello everyone, my name is Scott. I have recently retired from the Air Force after 24+ years as an electronic technician. I have always been interested in how things work. If something can be explained away then it is not paranormal. So I am the debunker of the team, looking for anything that may cause whatever the investigators have found.

Part Time Investigator

Hi everybody my name is Valerie. I’m currently a Correctional Officer at a Texas State Maximum Security Prison. I’ve been involved in the criminal justice field in one facet or another for most of my life. I have dealt with some pretty nasty people and situations. Since as long as I can remember, I’ve also been overly intuitive and sensitive, a kind of sixth sense. My mother had this ability as well. I have this uncanny ability to recall dreams in great detail. I often dream of people and places I’ve never met or seen in unusual, stressful and challenging situations. I often awake from these dreams drained and with emotions not my own. I’ve always had a sense these dreams were more than just normal dreams maybe perhaps, dare I say, visitations of restless souls trying to show or tell me something. I have wanted to explore this area further ever since I was a child. The opportunity came across when I found CTPS. Since then I have been learning and enjoying every moment. Hopefully, in return, given my law enforcement background, discerning eye, uncanny attention to detail, intuition, toughness and sensitivity I can add another layer of credibility and insight to the investigation process.

29 Aug 1944  -  6 Nov 2012

Retired, former U.S. Marine, active paranormal researcher. I have participated in numerous investigations resulting in evidence providing proof of unexplainable phenomena, such as apparitions, orbs, mists, shadows and electronic voice phenomena. My evidence has been captured using infrared video, still digital photography, digital temperature recordings, and digital voice recordings. As the founder, I hold my team of investigators to the highest of standards. We gather evidence using empirical methods and debunk any evidence that is questionable. Each case is treated with respect and reverence. All cases are confidential.


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